Did you know that the Gravity Forms plugin can act is an autoresponder? I didn’t until yesterday and it was super simple to set up and get going.

A client asked for a way to gather email addresses in exchange for a copy of her ebook. Since it was not possible to do with her newsletter service,  I went looking for alternatives.

Not wanting to create a major headache by switching from one newsletter/autoresponder service to another, we opted to go the plugin route to add functionality to her new website done in WordPress. We tried an e-Newsletter plugin, but the sheer number of headaches we had with it were not worth the price. So on a whim, I looked up Gravity Forms (a plugin I already own and use) to see if it could be pushed past the standard contact form functionality and it can! Yay!

Here’s how we did it.

Set up a new form – ours only asked for Name, Email and Company name.

Under Form Settings, choose “Confirmation”

There are three options there – Text, Page and Redirect.

Text let’s you change the confirmation message people will see when they successfully submit the form.

Page is where you can send people to a confirmation page once they successfully submit the form.

Redirect is where you can get fancy and add the direct link to your ebook/MP3 file itself.

Simple as that! Don’t forget to update your form!

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