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Anatomy of a Fabulous Blog Post

We all know that content is king - but how you lay out that content needs to be paid attention to as well! In this graphic from SocialTriggers.com, they lay out a tried and true formula for planning the look of your blog posts. It is a simple, content-focused layout,...

#DiviTip: Adding Google Analytics

Adding your Google Analytics tracking code to your Divi theme is super easy and can be done in three simple steps. 1 - Go to https://analytics.google.com and grab your tracking code.  Log in to your account and then click Admin >> your website name and then...

Your website needs a tweak because…

...the about me section on your blog home page says "This is a sample text about you. You may login and go to the [...] settings page and edit this text. Here you can display a summary of your website or anything that is interesting to your visitors. You also can...

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