I love WordPress – I’ve been using it for years for both my own websites and for those I design for clients.  And not only is it super-easy to use, but it’s also a social media marketing powerhouse.  There are some awesome plugins available for you to use with WordPress to promote your content across various social media channels, but the sheer number of them can be overwhelming.

Here are my choices for the top 3 WordPress social media plugins that will help you, and your readers, promote your content effortlessly.

  1. Jetpack – this is one of the best plugins, not only for social media marketing but also for giving you a number of tools designed to help your website.  Using the “Publicize” function in Jetpack allows you to distribute your content effortlessly, with literally the push of a button.   With the “Publicize” function, you can connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Path and Google+ profiles to your website, and when you publish new content, your site will automatically promote that very same content to the listed social networks via links back to your website.  Luscious!
  2. ShareThis – a long-term player, since 2005, ShareThis offers not only social sharing for a wide variety of networks, but it offers it’s “CopynShare” analytic to tell you when people are copying and sharing your pages URL!
  3. Social Buzz – (aff. link) though this is paid plugin, it’s well worth the price! Similar in style to the social graph you will see atop posts on Mashable.com, the Social Buzz plugin not only gives ways to share your content, but also a quick visual graph to show how your popular your content really is!

Either by single button publishing or reader sharing, it’s important to promote your content after you hit the publish button.  By publishing directly to your social media channels AND giving your readers an easy way to share your content, you are helping extend the reach of your words and hopefully growing your audience of interested visitors, who will then turn into paying clients! Luscious!

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